Rob Shaw – profile

by Jo

Ah, Rob Shaw. What can we possibly say about our little strawberry blond friend? A Yoda to the stars, dispensing wisdom (sometimes) and judgements to the happy bands of darklings.

Borned on the 3rd July, as Justin so recently pointed out to us. He’s not The Darkness’ first fan, but he’s been there a hell of a long time, and is steeped in their history. He’s seen them more than Richie has (he’s not allowed to play now though, its cheating being onstage)! As a huge fan, he’s probably the luckiest darkling of all. Make no mistake, he’s definitely one of us. He’s not afraid to get down the front and rock with the best of us. Lucky or not, he does have a tricky job sometimes keeping us in line, and he doesn’t suffer fools gladly. I think we’re lucky that we don’t get his unvarnished opinion of us, on occasion. We’d deserve it, as well.

His repertoire of quotes from cult humour is impressive, so if you want to know what he’s on about, you need to check out Anchorman, Withnail and I.. that kind of thing. He does of course have his own brand of humour.. sharp, with sarky thrown in as a sideline. Despite all the flak he gets, he struggles on, having to take pics of Justin’s developing muscles for the news hungry hordes, and putting up with silliness on a monumental scale. His cry of ‘Arrant wasp toss!’ is his signature way of shooting down the ridiculous.

Gillingham should count themselves fortunate to have (any) fans like Rob, still passionate about them. I’m sure they’ll be back up, just like Norwich.. he could talk for hours about music, Star Wars, ‘other films wot I have loved’, and mexican food as well. He does admit to not being able to organize anything in real life though. Yoda would be ashamed. There’s a large streak of the dark side in him.

In the Darkness movie, (when/if it gets made and isn’t a figment of Rob’s imagination), he’ll be played by Simon Pegg, he says.

He’s as cute as a button, and cuddly too. A lovely boy, with sharp edges.

In this pic, he’s queueing up to get Justin’s autograph at the video shoot.. dunno what’s going on in the background. Food must have arrived.