Send More Paramedics

by Emma

Send More Paramedics – Leeds Joseph’s Well – 5 August 2005

ZOMBIECORE ANYONE? Send More Paramedics rock it to the maximum!

I wasn’t too sure what to expect from this gig, as I wasn’t very well acquainted with the band’s music but man I sure as hell didn’t expect what I got! Leeds based Send More Paramedics are a fine example of hardcore zombie rock and were supported by kick ass bands The Nothing and Love That Kills.

First to take the stage were Love That Kills and they more than warmed up the audience with their solid heavy basslines and power riffs. This definitely set the standard for the evening in my mind as Love That Kills were worthy of their own headline slot and drew an unusually large crowd at this venue for the first act.

Essex based The Nothing followed up with a wickedly hardcore set – full on deep-throated screams and proper heavy grinding riffage – most impressive and they aren’t exactly bad looking guys either! Their set pleased the audience and prompted them to start moving although there was still a bit of a gap between the stage and crowd bar a few faithful followers. I totally enjoyed their set and will definitely be keeping track of this band.

And onto the Zombies…for real if you believe what their mate Daniel has to say! Send More Paramedics delivered one of the most awesome small scale gigs that I have ever seen. The fans in the audience had a helping hand in making it so. Opening with a fast paced track that everyone knew the words to, vocalist spitting out the lyrics with a raspy voice of the undead and guitar throbbing behind the screaming vocals, this band swiftly transformed the front end of the small room into one of the sickest pits I have had the pleasure to witness! Bloody noses and falls galore! As Send More Paramedics launched into their next track, the awesome Give In To Destruction, the room went nuts! One of the guys wore a balaclava all of the way through the set and some hardcore kid repeatedly climbed the tall speakers and dived into the crowd at least once for each song! Newly recruited fan, I absolutely loved the set and their powerful stage presence. Send More Paramedics are massively talented and inventive, I can honestly say that I haven’t heard music like this for a long time and the way that they switch with ease from furiously pounding and lightening fast corpse punk to deliciously slow and morbid grinding riffs is blender. For the last song there was a rush of bodies forward and the gig finale saw around thirty people on stage united with the band.

I left the gig as is best with a sweat and a huge smile and I can’t wait to get hold of the album ** Of The Apocalypse. Send More Paramedics will be supporting The Offspring in their September tour and I whole-heartedly recommend seeing these guys – it is truly an experience not to be missed.Emma

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