Darkness bits and pieces

by Jo

Well, not literally.

It’s been quite busy in darkling land. Justin and Dan have flown off to LA to rehearse and record orchestras, then mix the whole lot so that we can have a lovely sparkly new album around November time. It might be a bit tight to get a tour in before Christmas, but I’m sure we’ll get a few gigs under our belts by earlyish next year.. or we’ll stamp our feet and generally be demanding and whingy (ahem. All darklings there, not just the Six).

The lads seem to be very positive, as shown in the recent Kerrang article. They’re all smiling and relaxed. Justin, of course, is.. umm.. Justin. Not sure whether he did all the talking by common consent, or the others couldn’t get a word in. Both, probably. The look on Dan’s face when he saw him in the catsuit must have been priceless… the reaction to the article was also very positive, although it did result in a call for Ed to be seen in brown lederhosen.

That article, and Justin’s interview on Radio 2, raised the issue of Frankie’s leaving again, causing more discussions online. Despite some people’s protests about that, it IS a major issue for darklings, and one that will be pondered upon for some time to come. Even if we never know the real reason. Everyone’s looking forward, but there will always be nostalgia! Good memories for us, if not for the band, and they understand that. Bring it on.. soon.. there’ll be a single before the album so it’s not as long a wait as it could be.

By the time this is issued, Justin’s solo single will be in the shops and online. If you’re going to buy it, don’t do it from Amazon, or it won’t count for chart position! Go to www.britishwhale.com/buy instead. The album will be out next year, well after The Darkness one. Gives Justin a chance to recover from any possible tour and get ready to do a few shows of his own, maybe. * crosses fingers* Can’t wait to find out what he judges as ‘not tasteful enough for The Darkness’ !