OWTTHAB single reviews

by Fans!

Was weeing myself with excitement this morning. Had to have the radio on as the computer was being an arse, so everyone got to watch me bouncing on my chair with excitement. However, my clutch of non-Darkness fanatic colleagues all thought it was good – and if they hated it, they’d definitely let me know.

Basically, I think its great. Fantastic guitar, Justin’s voice sounds great, and a nice little sitar break in the middle. Not sure how they’ll handle that bit live, but we’ll wait and see.

Catchy chorus too.

I’d love to have a transcript of the lyrics, as at the moment I’m “la la la-ing along to the bits I can’t make out. Newspaper reports are claiming its all about drug abuse, so a sqizz at the lyrics may shed some light on that one.

Now where is that video …………. Q magazine say they have it on rotation through October.

The boys are definitely back in town!!!!!!

Welcome back, cos we’ve been gagging for it!


One way ticket to hell.

After waiting for so long for anything new from camp Darkness. We
finally have something!

One way ticket is the first single to be released for the forthcoming
album One Way Ticket to Hell….. And Back.

It opens with riffs reminiscent of AC/DC, and a cowbell. It instantly
makes you foot tap along. We have the familiar falsetto vocals, and a
chorus that’s as catchy as hell. It is in no way a rip your face off
rock song, but it does rock. From the first listen you’ll be singing
along with the chorus and it won’t leave your head. The Darkness are
back on form!

If this is the quality of the rest of the album I can’t wait!


On the 3rd of October, anxious Darklings across the land clung
aggressively to their radios like a pack of slavering shrews, hungry
for the veritable juicy grub that is ‘One Way Ticket’… I don’t think
there was an ounce of disappointment within our fine nation that misty
Debuted on national radio, the new single oozes the magnificent
insanity we all now know and love, sounding flawlessly slick with the
help of Sir Roy Thomas Baker, rock producer extraordinaire. So some of
the ‘Permission To Land’ rawness has been lost, but the transition to
international superstars has meant a huge boost in the kind of
grandeur that they tried so hard to achieve the first time round with
just twenty grand and two weeks. This is just an extension of the
mind-boggling greatness that was thrust upon us three years back.
It’s been a long time coming, but it seems the ridiculously long
months of recording and perfecting was just a preliminary for The
Darkness proving that they’re back, and in fantastic form. ‘One Way
Ticket’ is bold and beautiful and shamelessly catchy, with the warble
that seemed delightfully ubiquitous last year making a very welcome
return. Grief Hammer for b-side… please?
I don’t know about you, but I can’t fucking wait for the album.