Hallowe’en movies special

by Emma

Scare yourself stupid for Halloween!

Since Halloween falls on a Monday this year…not all of you will make it out, so here are a few suggestions for the perfect seasonal movies to make you hide behind the sofa or pee yourself laughing!

Revolting Dead (2003)

When the Dead Are Disturbed, No One Will Rest in Peace…

This movie definitely falls into the latter category (see above) and will have you screaming in hysterics at times – I almost left the land of the living watching this film – I laughed so hard I temporarily lost the ability to breathe! Revolting Dead follows the story of Marissa, who travels alone to a small and very strange town to attend her uncle’s funeral. Marissa soon becomes suspicious that the local undertakers (the Crain family) are doing a little more than they are being paid for. This is not the only suspicious event in the town, and Marissa uses her special powers to summon the dead to avenge this and other crimes.

The Toolbox Murders (2004)

If you lived here, you’d be dead by now…
This is a jumpy one! Picture the scene…an old decrepit apartment block is being renovated and when young couple Nell and Steven move in, other tenants begin to go missing. Nell is both distressed and intrigued and eventually discovers that the explanation is supernatural. With initially little help from the other tenants and landlord it is up to Nell to save the day before it is her turn to die.
Dead Man’s Shoes (2004)

He’s in all of us…

Dead Man’s Shoes is a haunting movie with a twist that won’t be forgotten in a hurry! Brothers Richard and Anthony visit their home town, a place they have stayed away from for a long time. Anthony is retarded and Richard is protective of his little brother and as Anthony tells him of the terrible ordeals inflicted upon him as a young boy by other kids Richard is horrified and is determined to seek revenge.