Instrument of The Issue

by Lucie

Instrument Of The Issue

Angus Young’s Gibson SG

Angus and his SG are as iconic as Freddie and his half mic stand, or the McDonald’s arches, and inspiring to any wannabe rock star who longs to recreate the opening riff to the classics ‘Back In Black’ or ‘Highway To Hell’. His Excalibur is a red 1964 SG Standard, (although he occasionally uses the ’68 model), with Ernie Ball strings,
well-favoured by Gods of Rawk the world over. With the help of his Marshall JMP 100 watt master head amps, this instrument is guaranteed to tear through any mere mortal’s soul at the first terrific twiddling of a string. Angus used extra-heavy Fender picks to hone that heavy, vintage metal sound, and slam his geetar silly to within an inch of its life. Don’t let the boarding school uniform fool you, Sir Angus truly was and always will be a master of his trade.

Model – Gibson 1964/1968 SG
Strings – Ernie Ball (gauge 10-48)
Picks – Fender (extra heavy)
Amps – Marshall JMP 100Watt Master Volume Head
Cabinets – Marshall 1960A Slant Cabinet / 4×12
Marshall 1960B Straight Cabinet / 4×12