The Darkness return

by Jo

The Darkness return
(which means the return of the darklings. Be afraid.)


At last, a huge mass of tense, nervous darklings relaxed when Rob put up the announcement that the new single ‘One Way Ticket’ is out on 14th November, with the new album ‘One Way Ticket to Hell.. And Back’ is out on the 28th. Screams were mixed with the thuds of people falling off chairs and dancing about.. it gets loud in cyberspace.

No doubt there will be a lot of competitions and promotional stuff going on, so we wait, and watch, and hold our breath. We’re ready to have our socks rocked off, and indications from last year’s tour airings are GOOOOOOOOD… we want our boys back, and in fine style. Good luck, lads. We’re right behind you, praying for success.

The track listing is as follows..

One Way Ticket
Is It Just Me?
Dinner Lady Arms
Seemed Like A Good Idea At The Time
Hazel Eyes
English Country Garden
Blind Man

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