by Louise

Postcards From Hell

Getamped are a hard rocking trio from the UK. Their sound is a little reminiscent of “A”, in its heavy catchiness. I guess that’s why they describe it, on their website, as power pop. But I fail to see the ‘pop’ part……yes, it’s catchy, infectious stuff, but not in a poppy kind of way. It’s definitely much more of a rock entity. Fittingly unvarnished vocals are the veins and arteries that twine their way through the meaty structure of dirty, heavy, angry guitars, resplendent against the weighty backdrop of percussion that is the throbbing heart of this rock machine. And this rock machine is on tour in China for the first week of this month, after which they will return for some more UK shows throughout May, finishing their tour with two shows in June. Check out their website for more info:




EP’s and mini albums
King Furnace


(This also appeared in April 2006 issue 17)