It’s almost ironic that this is the month of new birth, growth, springy baby lambs, etc., as we’re a little thin on the ground this time. So it’s a good job that here at Optimum Impact H.Q., we favour quality above quantity.


Blast From The Past is back, after skipping an issue (that may have had something to do with me…), featuring the most arse-kickingest bunch of Swedes in the history of rock, Europe. Also, we’ve got the usual array of top notch reviews to quench your rock lusts until June.


Next month, you can look forward to a review of The Pleasures’ EP, ‘Cumin Out’, as well as many other tantalising musicular delights.

Aforementioned Germanic sex-gods-in-fishnets have secured a UK mini tour, thanks to our very own pint-sized rock whore Louise. These guys are glam rock Messiahs, so don’t miss out.


The dates for their mini tour are:


13th July – Junktion 7, Nottingham

14th July – Lark In The Park, London

15th July – The Attik, Leicester





Now, just a few more essays and a 19th birthday to get out of the way (it’s on the tenth, in case you’re interested…), then I’ve got all Summer to hunt out steamy piles of hot rock for the good ship O.I.


The dark side is with you all, my friends.