The Needles

by Davey

‘Dianne’ (single)

A jerky, angular single from Aberdeen’s finest, ‘Dianne’ does The Needles proud, throwing them into techno-colour light (none of this lime shit) for all the world to see. They seem to be grabbing the trendy genre by the balls and just twisting them a little, adding some seasoning (a dash of fizzy synth pop) into the mix. The stunning b-side, ‘Delivery Day’, takes the energy displayed in ‘Dianne’ to a simmering new level of crazines (not to mention the fucking awesome guitar solo).
They’re like Franz Ferdinand, but with talent, and far more panache. This is the kind of jumpy pop rock that gives you images of four kids in skinny jeans spazzing out in their garage. Surely, that can only be a good thing.