Very dark doings

by Jo

Ok then.. only one more confirmed live date to go, this summer… The Skanderborg Festival, Denmark, 10th August, and then we’ll just have to wait.. We have something about the Finland appearance, and will have Liverpool up shortly.

We’ve got album stuff going on in the gaps, with Justin’s British Whale one well on the way.. ‘Snatching Defeat From the Jaws of Victory’. Apparently ‘it’s sounding fab and there will be 12 songs on it. ‘ 10 were finished the last time Justin held forth, so we expect a date anytime soon. Wooooooooooooooooo Justlings are bouncing excitedly… or they ought to be! Is there another video? Will there be promotion for it?

Jus’s Friday Night Project appearance went very well. He seemed far more relaxed than he has done previously. Review of that also in this issue.. I didn’t go into great detail on the content because people will have seen it. It’s a shame that all the set pieces were kept in, because it’s the other stuff that made our night so funny. The script wasn’t good enough for our boy!

Eagle eyes spotted Richie’s tatt during the windup bit.. hot off the press late last night.. he’s done a ‘tour diary’ (torture diary, surely) about it here with some good photos..
Bless his heart. He’ll be very well decorated by the time he’s finished. I love that he consulted his girlfriend.. I wonder what she wanted him to have? Where?

There’s a lot going on. Can’t wait to see what happens next. More reports as and when.


Well.. Justin’s ill. Cancelled the last gig of the summer on Doctor’s orders, and now we’re told he’s checked into the Priory by the tabloids. Not what for, though.. drink, drugs, or an escape? Tabloids are printing their usual bollocks about The Darkness being a failure and being dropped by Warners. Sigh. Justin surely has enough stresses without even thinking about that possiblity. So much going on in his life.

All of Sixsister’s love and hope for a speedy, but not rushed, return.

and… hot off press. There’s no substantiation for this as yet. Nothing on Atlantic website, though POD have confirmed. I don’t like to add rumours normally, but this one is odd.. no clue as to where the info comes from.