Ilosaarirock 15.7.2006

by Heidi

Few hours of sleep after Liverpool and I was on my way to see The Darkness again. I was too excited to sleep for the first couple of hours of the train ride but eventually just fell asleep. Five hours in the train were over and we were ready to take our place in the front row. Well, not quite so soon. There was a lot to see in the festival area and we had to make the most of it. We weren’t supposed to go to the front row til few hours before the show, but there was a perfect spot for us there and we just couldn’t let it go. So we ended up standing there seven hours before The Darkness came on stage. So there we stood, listening to other bands and artists, which were poo, I might add. Tuomari Nurmio was so god damn boring, and Mokoma… A Finnish heavy metal band. Absolutely horrible. I will never ever again be standing in the front row when a band like that is playing. It was pure torture. Not just the music, but the people around us too. Yeah… Enough of that. There was an hour wait after every band and it felt longer and longer after each band. Last artist before The Darkness was Maija Vilkkumaa. She was ok. I actually knew some of her songs and she did quite a good job on warming me up (I was freezing my arse off). Before Maija came on, we met Ella who’s a huge Darkness fan too. We first met when The Darkness were here in March and it was great to meet her again. We thought we saw Richie listening to Maija too, but we weren’t sure. All the same, we were getting excited. Maybe a bit too much lol

The last hour felt soooooo long. Ella was checking her watch every five minutes and always shouted to the crew: “50 minutes left”, “30 minutes left”, “25 minutes left”. When she finally shouted five minutes, I was literally jumping up and down. And then…

Arrival starts!

God how I love that song. It almost made me cry. This was what I had been waiting for for so long.

It was over soon and the guys came on stage. Dear Lord I screamed my head off. They started with One Way Ticket. This was a bit disappointing because Knockers was such a great song to start with. But it didn’t really matter, I was going to have the time of my life! Let me just say, Justin is one great frontman. He made me cry with laughter. At some point his trousers almost fell off, and Dan was laughing so hard at him. And I got a nice shot of his arse haha.

Richie was amazing. That man can really sing! He and Justin seemed to be having a lot of fun, specially during Girlfriend. Dancing around and just being complete twats they sure did make me and my friends laugh.

Ed and Dan were great! Not much more I can say about them. Just brilliant!

Way too soon the gig was over. Everytime I see this band live, I just love them more and more. This was my fifth time seeing them and I just want to see them again and again and again. Thank God I’m seeing them in Denmark too. I hope they rock Denmark as much as they rocked Finland.

Big thanks to The Darkness for giving me some of the best nights of my life. You guys RAAAAWK!!