The Pleasures


by Louise

At silly o’clock on a Sunday morning, five post-gig boys allowed me the pleasure of interviewing them. This was the final night of The Pleasures’ three-night UK tour and spirits were high. This mini tour had been a first for all of us…
• The Pleasures’ first gigs in the UK
• Neo’s (guitarist) first ever gigs with The Pleasures
• My first Tour Promoter/Manager experience

So, seated around a dining table in the kitchen of our host’s (the other promoter) abode, lodger, Jen, and I interviewed the rabble to review the past few days.

Louby: So…
Dancette: Yes, hello, good evening. Good morning!
Louby: It is good morning! What time is it?
Neo: It’s Jack o’clock.
(By this time, at least one bottle of Jack Daniels had been consumed and it had been “Jack o’clock” for some time)
Louby: Party tiiiime! It’s…twenty five to four on a Sunday morning. The last night of your first ever UK tour…
Jen: Best moment?
Lord: Now.
Louby: Right now?
Lord: Fuckin’ Jack o’clock.
Louby: Any others? Second best moment?
Dancette: The multiple orgasms in the electric chairs.
(better known as massage chairs!)
Lord: The electric chairs??
(much laughter)
Lord: (to Louby) Do you have those in the UK, electric chairs?
Louby: Apparently! At service stations! And you pay £1 for five minutes!!
Jen: And apparently they’re multiply orgasmic!

Louby: Which was your favourite night of the three?
Dancette: Every night was different. I couldn’t say which one was the best.
Sensai: The location was different, so every day there’s a different feeling.
Lord: I can’t really separate into different nights, for me it was one big experience.
Louby: And will you be coming back?
Dancette: Oh yes!!
Sensai: Indeed, we will!
Louby: Woohoo! And would you play the same venues again?
Lord: Yes, some of them. We plan to come back in the next 12 months. And play some more dates, maybe a week or so.

Louby: You were interviewed on Totalrock radio station, on Friday. How did that go? Were you happy with it?
Dancette: Oh yes!
Louby: Have you done a radio interview before?
Dancette: Yes.
Lord: But not in English.
Louby: Did you find that difficult?
Lord: Umm…it was kinda difficult. A little more difficult than now because it was live.
Dancette: I was a little nervous, but I just realised now that it was live! It was live, wasn’t it?!
Lord: What did you think? They would record it & play it later?
Dancette! Ooohhh, now I’m nervous about all this!
Louby: Well, it doesn’t matter know because it’s been & gone!
(Dancette dons a bright blue wig and causes many a Robin Black impression)

Louby: So, how was it working with James?
Neo: Tremendously awesome!
Lord: Working with James we had a big laugh all the time. He’s really passionate.
Sensai: We bum him on the bus.
Lord: We fucking love him!
Louby: And how was it working with the Louby?
Dancette: Oh, very nice. She was very nice and kind to us.
Lord: But she said no yesterday. I saw a sign here in England that said “get a yes for sex”, so I thought I would keep that in mind. And then you said no yesterday.
Louby: Did I?
Dancette: Hey, come on, everybody knows when a girl says yes she means no, and the other way around.
Louby: Ok… So if I want sex with someone…
Dancette: You have to say no.
Jen: Yes means yes and no means harder!

Louby: Neo, you’re the new boy and these UK shows were your first time playing live with The Pleasures, how was it?
Neo: Tremendously awesome, I think! I wasn’t nervous, I don’t know why. I always was nervous with my other bands before we played live, but not this time. I had a great time and had all the fun I expected to have and was more outgoing onstage.

Jen: How different were the UK crowds to the crowds back home?
Dancette: Not very different.
Sensai: We expected more difference. But they were smiling more often.
Lord: And they understand the lyrics better than the Germans.
Louby: Well, they are English lyrics!
Neo: Yeah, that does help!

Louby: Ok, each give one word to describe your band mates… Starting with Neo…
Lord: Rocker
Dancette: Cool
Son: Fireball
Louby: And now, about drummer boy…
Dancette: Machine
Lord: Energy
Neo: Wild
Sensai: Accurate
Louby: About Dancette?
Neo: Too outgoing on stage
Lord: One word please!
Neo: I’m sorry
Louby: If you collaborate you can get a sentence together…
Jen: Cunning plan there!
Lord: Dancette. Is. Too. Outgoing.
Louby: There you go!
Lord: Son, what’s your word for Dancette?
Son: Transexual.
Dancette: Too kind, guys. I love you. FUCK you! I quit the band!!

Louby: What about The Lord?
Dancette: Screamy.
Sensai: Eierpopeia
Louby: I dunno what that is! I have to type this up!
Neo: E. I. E. R. P. O. P. E. I. A.
Louby: Thank you. Anymore for anymore?
Neo: Workaholic.
Sensai: Show-off-freak! That’s my word! Get out Eierpopeia, I want show-off-freak instead.

Lou: The stages you were playing on were quite small, did that hinder your performance at all?
Dancette: Absolutely not.
Sensai: Dancette was not afraid of the small stages, he just ran over us and kicked us away…
Lord: He ripped out my fucking guitar cable four times today!!
Sensai: And he gave The Lord electro-shocks!
Lord: Yeah, I have to tell this! At the first concert we had really serious problems with the currency.
Neo: Because we had no ground.
Lord: Yeah. So, the problem was, when I touched the guitar and sang into the microphone, the circle was closing and I got electric shocks directly in my face. So, when I touched my guitar and Dancette was singing and he was touching me with his other hand, the circle was closing too, so I had electric shocks where he was touching me. And he was outrageous and completely freaking out on stage and was always touching me and fucking…whatever me! And he just didn’t realise about the electric shocks, but I did! And when we played ‘Are You Bored Of Getting Older’, I was lying down on the stage & he was completely over me and screaming into my face and I was like “fuck, get away from me!” and I was trying to push him away but the more I tried to push him away the more he thought I was just going so crazy on stage!
Louby: And I thought you’d fixed the problem!
Lord: Kind of.
Neo: But we knew that if Dancette touched us we’d get electric shocks.
Louby: So it’s all Danci’s fault.
Dancette: But it’s good for me because then I have more space on stage.
Sensai: That’s right, everyone stays away! Like he was clothed in barbed wire!
Louby: And, when Dancette punched a whole in the ceiling and it fell down… What did you think?
Dancette: My first thought was, ‘should I go on?’ But these guys kept playing. And my second thought was I shouldn’t touch it, I just waited for someone to come & take it away from the stage.
Sensai: It was kinda funny that we were bringing down the ceiling!
Neo: Our first UK gig and in the first minute we broke the ceiling!
Dancette: But it was great!
Sensai: Rock n roll.