The Explosion – Black Tape – Album Review

by Emma

The Explosion have burst onto the punk scene and made quite an impact this year – the single Here I Am has gained regular play on radio and music television channels and quite rightly so. Touring with the big guns, Good Charlotte and New Found Glory, has added fuel to the fire and earned The Explosion a reputation they thoroughly deserve

The Explosion are a welcome wave of punk pop with the catchiest lyrics, powerful riffs and a sound that appeals to rockers universally. Every single track on Black Tape is excellent and this is one of the real goodies of 2005, released on 28th April.

Each track has a deliciously different tune – pounding drums on Deliver Us and No Revolution, anthemic riff and chorus on Here I Am and We All Fall Down, Filthy Insane and I Know both boast a wicked bassline. Throaty raucous vocals are key on Atrocity and Grace and Go Blank blasts us with a ferocious velocity. A couple of the tracks tend towards pop with a gorgeous effervescence – Mothers Cry the perfect example.

In short – Black Tape is excellent – go get a copy or miss out!