Queen Adreena – The Butcher And The Butterfly – Album Review

by Emma

The Butcher and the Butterfly is the third album release from Queen Adreena and is regarded as the best of the trio. Queen Adreena carry a haunting eerie feel throughout the album taking a number of serious personal and dark issues head on and emerging the winner.

The Butcher and the Butterfly features a range of tracks from racy upbeat tunes such as Black Spring Rising to the truly ghostly and disturbing feel of tracks Suck and FM Doll. This LP drifts from the raw and loud to bluesy and beautiful with ease and is a compelling listen. Birdnest Hair is a brilliant and delicate song and shines out as one of the best tracks, not just on this record but among the majority of recent chart releases from any band.

Queen Adreena are not background music, their music is made for intent listening for both the ear and the heart.