STORM 2006

by Sherilee (sixsister 3)

July was the month I went to my first live music festival in nearly two years and even though I was only able to stay for 2 hours, a wonderful time was had by myself and Riley. As we made our way to the park that was the hosting venue, the music was loud enough to hear from about half a mile away and in fact was helping me find my way there! As I got closer I could hear some kind of “pop” music and resigned myself to the fact that I would just have to make the most of it. Suddenly everything went quiet, and then the unexpected happened – LIVE ROCK MUSIC! Yes, in THETFORD!!!!! I finally arrived at the park and found my friend Louise (not the Sixsister Lou, another), her husband Adam, baby Eddie and Adams friend from work. We plonked ourselves on the grass to the side of the stage and in close contact with the Dunkin Donuts stall and the burger stand and I really did feel like I was at a “proper” festival – less the stinky toilets! There were quite a lot of fellow music lovers in the vicinity too ranging from Goths, colourful Emo types and hardcore rockers covered in tats – just my kinda place and I was a bit miffed that I had missed most of the day and would also have to leave early to put Riley to bed for 7pm. I was not even going to attend at all earlier in the day as I had expected a crap fair and lots of pop music, I only went due to the fact I didnt want to be stuck in all afternoon! Around 5.45 pm another band was about to come on so me and The Boy made our way to the front of the stage to watch, especially as he was fascinated by the giant yellow blow up thingy on the top of the stage! As the band (Raised) came on my first thoughts were that they werte quite “fresh faced” and that I would be subjected to some kind of Busted/McFly imitation (not that theres anything wrong with Busted or McFly of course) but when they started I was very pleasantly surprised, their sound actually reminded me slightly of the Glitterati, which is ALWAYS a good thing! Riley absolutely loved it and moshed away (well as best he could for a one year old in my arms that is!). A jolly good time was had by all – not bad for an event that was, I found out a few days later, actually organised by a church!!!

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