Good Shoes – All In My Head – Single

by Emma

Good Shoes are truly delightful. The single All In My Head is a wonderful and wildly extravagent tune which rides out like a fairground rollercoaster complete with bends, twists and sharp halts and most promonent of all the punk vocals of Rhys Jones which I am sure will become notorious in time. I’m not certain whether we have a child vocalist or a very clever young man, and this is a very intentional sound as by the time you reach track three Wrong & Right its clear that he is the latter. The music and the form and timing of the tracks is quite intricate but the overlay of words sang in such a childlike and casual manner throws a whole new spin on it. Don’t be misled though – the writing is tight and very well organised with lyrics sharp and funny.

I really like this band a lot, their style is fresh and young and spirited and I look forward to seeing how this comes across in their live performance.