Old pleasures are the best

by Jo

News from the dark side..

Echo and the Bunnymen, the tightest band you’ll ever see, are on tour soon. Both the new single ‘Scisssors in the Sand’ and album ‘Siberia’ are released on May 29th, too. Go, if you can, because you truly will get a masterclass in live performance.

May 2006

29 – Whitehaven, Civic Hall
30 – Newcastle, Academy
31 – Edinburgh, Queens Hall

June 2006

2 – Nottingham, Rock City
3 – Oxford, Zodiac
4 – London, Koko
5 – Brighton, The Old Market

Tickets from Ticketmaster. ooo… Koko’s a cracking venue. Has a sex toy vending machine in the Ladies. Right by the door so everyone can see you buying… not that Six did. just curious…. careful,lovies, the dancefloor may well be dangerous.

Siouxsie and the Banshees’ fans can look forward to several remastered albums being released on 1 June.. ‘The Scream’, ‘Join Hands’,’Kaleidoscope’ and ‘Juju’. Unreleased tracks will be included. There’s also a DVD of the ‘Nocturne’ video due out soon. A LOT of work has gone into this… expect the very best from some of the masters of musical experimentation and and you won’t be disappointed. I never have been with the originals!