Black Wire – Glasgow Barfly

by Keith

Supported by two bands, The Ad’s (Glasgow) & Every Move A Picture (San Francisco),
both of whom weren’t bad at all (indie based guitar/rock/pop), Black Wire took the stage at 10:15, God of Traffic opened the set, the crowd took a song or two to get going, but by the time “I don’t Feel Well” and “Attack Attack Attack” were over the jumping had started, it would be hard not to be enthused by the Bands obvious energy and…..well…..talent, they really were as tight as a Drum………well, a Drum Machine!!, which they prefer to a Beer swilling tub thumping neanderthal usually to be found rear of stage!!!!, great rapor from the singer (Daniel Wilson), particularly with the two “Followers”, Andy, trying hard and succeeding at looking like Steve Albini!!, and, to quote the Vocalist, “..the Mad psycho Lesbian..”, I didn’t catch her Name!!!, created a really good atmosphere.
The High points, for me were:
Brain Dead
Hung Up (released on 15th May).
Attack Attack Attack
Promote The Happy Hour.
There wasn’t a flat spot in the whole set to be honest, the band enjoyed it, the crowd (some 100ish) enjoyed it, especially the young guy who invaded the stage during the penultimat song for a Dance with quite welcoming band members!!!!!, not as good a dancer as the singer, think somewhere between Ian Curtis in a good mood and Timmy Mallet….I kid you not!!!
The set finished 55 minutes later with “Very Gun”, no encore?, shame.
So….was the six hour round trip to see the Leeds three piece worth it?, absolutely!!!
Will I go and see them again, absolutely!!!
The set list was:

The set list was:
God of Traffic
I don’t feel well
Attack! Attack! Attack!
Crime Scene
Broken Back
Hung Up
Brain Dead
Happy Hours
Hard To Love Easy To Lay
Very Gun

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