Nicolai Prowse

by Jo

AAGGHHH! He’s back! Running up fast, anyway.. Nicolai’s been a very busy boy. Writing, recording, working hard. Let’s have a look, shall we? There will be a website shortly, but for now there are four songs on myspace – – so just check that out. Don’t expect any DMBT stuff.

Actually, if you take the four as a whole and want to see/make up a story emerging, listen to them in reverse order. I have no idea if that’s intentional, or true, but it works for my tiny mind, and this is MY article!

Running Away is easily the rockiest, fastest track of them. Upbeat, but sort of a kind of fragile hope in it.. things aren’t always gonna turn out better, no matter hard you try, but you have to try. And try together.

Heart Like a Wheel is my favourite. There’s selfdoubt in here, an apology for things that could never be, delivered in that sweet, soaring voice of Nicolai’s that you should just open up to and let into your life.. sad realisation and reluctant acceptance that it ain’t gonna work. It just isn’t.

Feel So Good has slow breathy, shivery vocals. A lament for what has passed / is passing, still in the throes of grief. Watch out for the chorus, it’ll make you jump.

On to Blue Eyed Boy, then. Trying to move out the other side of that once sweet, doomed, unforgettable relationship, with a clearer view of it, anger, resignation and some bitterness. Ouch. Smooth silk of a voice, again, so versatile. There’s a bit of hope in here, too. Just a bit.

You need to pay attention to lyrics around our Nicolai’s work, and not just be seduced by light, simple tunes and harmonies. That voice is capable of a hundred emotions, but in some places, the words don’t need any special inflection to carry them home. There’s nothing where it shouldn’t be, and so much where it should. Careful, Nik, or you’ll be beseiged by those convinced they can alleviate the pain of a certain Blue Eyed Boy.

None of that may be true, so don’t sue me. Listen, instead. Wait for more. Let’s get him onto a stage.