Little Shop of Horrors..

by Jo

Now then, amateur dramatics is not usually our thing to review, but when there’s an offer to see two of our beloved crushdeluxe in the company of another member and his delightful family, who can refuse? The bar was very cheap, with the barman quite taken with his wares.. This musical is a classically funny piece, so it bodes well.

Not really knowing what to expect, I was tickled pink to be shown my seat by ushers wearing suits and bow ties. Sweeties to the ready.. It’s a very nice little theatre, actually. Curtain up.. ooo radio mikes! The Chorus is pretty much on stage all the time, delivering tongue in cheek lyrics in perfect harmony. They don’t need mikes! This far better than I expected.. plenty of puns, knowingly delivered by a wonderful cast. Seymour steals the show, and Audrey’s blonde goofy girl trying to climb at least up to gutter level is just spot on.. and if there was a note sung out of line all night, I didn’t hear it. I laughed a lot though.

Sarah is in that Chorus, with a naughty twinkle in her eye.. pretty much a constant stage presence, completely unfazed, and more than capable of delivering. Give her to do next time! Ian, crush’s entertainer/singer/general idiot, is the psycho-sadist dentist. There IS typecasting… it truly exists. We all agreed that he became his character far too easily, and his showcase song brought the house down. Give the boy leathers and a quiff, and he’s off! I think it was the manic cackling with the gasmask that finished us all off. No one would have guessed that this was their first time with anything like this! All kudos is due!

Standing ovation, what more can I say? You really should check out some local stuff yourselves, you might be surprised. Acting is part of rock ‘n’ roll, you know..

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