Introducing: Rescue The Astronauts

by Emma

Introducing Rescue The Astronauts

You may recall that in November we announced the untimely split of The Mascara Story, and promised you news of frontman Daveit Ferris’ new project. Well, here is the news we have been waiting for! It is my delight to introduce five-piece Rescue The Astronauts.

The line up has been unstable for the last couple of months, with the departure of originally recruited drummer Adam and the search for a pianist, second guitarist and new drummer (none other than TMS drummer Jay)! We finally have it though, and I can reveal that the final line up is as follows –

Daveit Ferris – Guitar/Vocals/Piano (former band The Mascara Story)
Ciaran Harrigan – Guitar/Vocals/Piano (former band Blackbox Regrets)
Ruairi Connolly – Bass/Vocals (former band Traffic Episode)
Angie McCrisken – Piano/Violin/Vocals
Jay Dickson – Drums/Percussion (former band The Mascara Story)

Daveit and Ciaran have been working on a set of demos for the first of two planned EPs and the whole band will be working together during the next few months to write for their first recording session with Neal Calderwood on March 1st. A couple of the guys have worked with Neal previously and had high praise for him when we met up last August, so I am confident that the quality of the first EP will be excellent!

RTA have also confirmed that their first show EVER will be at Derry’s Nerve Centre on March 8th. Lets keep our fingers crossed that they will make appearances here in the UK later in the year!

So, you may now be wondering what these guys sound like. This is a rock band, smoothed out with piano, harmonies and delicate vocals to create something a little more sophisticated than the average offering from many groups around at the moment.

Unfortunately only two RTA demos are available to hear at the moment (Eventually We Make It Home and You’re A Shiver), however they are absolutely beautiful tracks and you can access these by visiting the website I really hope that you do – this is just a little taster of great things to come and I would hate for anyone to miss out.

If you like these, I would also recommend checking out some of the other tunes you have may have missed out on at Here you can find songs by previous bands The Mascara Story, Traffic Episode and Future Real along with some of Daveit’s solo work.

So hurry up, push his buttons and get listening to some high quality and inspirational music!