Dan Hawkins Fansite

by Emma

THE Dan Hawkins Site

Well, where to start!! Created by Lisa Lomas, a devoted fan of Dan and The Darkness, THE Dan Hawkins Site proves to be one of the most fun-packed and informative fansites I have stumbled upon so far. I say ‘stumbled upon’; however this site was actually recommended to me by one of my Darkling alliances! If you want to know anything about Dan, what he’s been up to recently, his home town…literally almost anything at all…look no further! This site has it all.

News: The news section is updated at the very least two or three times per week and brings to you up to date information about tours, updates and additions to the site, TV and radio appearances, all wrapped up with a twist of humor from Lisa!

This lady has thought of everything! There is a Frequently Asked Questions section which covers readers’ questions ranging from the common queries about when and where he was born to slightly more personal questions from fans who seem to think that Lisa includes ‘psychic’ on her list of talents!! This makes for a fun and enlightening read.

For those fact-hungry Dan fans there’s a full biography section which provides you with plenty of information about the man himself. The wide range of features also includes a mouth watering pictures section (we know that’s the first place you’re heading!), interviews, tour dates, video stills, quotes, other links, Dan’s guitars, discography…the list goes on!

Just so that they aren’t left out, there’s a feature on the rest of the Darkness boys, including a rather tasty snap of each one. I have to tell you, my favorite is the Frankie section – this really did make me chuckle although to find out why you will have to look for yourselves as I am not giving the game away! Sorry! My only wish was that the honorary fifth member (Pedro of course! After all, he plays his important part in each show) was included too.

One particular favorite of mine is the feature on Lowestoft, the boys’ home town. We have all heard Justin’s crooning about the Golden Mile and Barnby Bends, well now is you’re chance to have a glimpse of the town. For those that fancy undertaking a tour of Lowestoft there’s even a map of the town and a handy pointer on where to get a decent cake!

If I have wet your tongue to this very popular site, why not have a browse. There’s a guestbook and message board waiting for you to post your comments and ideas, or you can simply have a chat with some of your fellow Darklings.


So what are you waiting for Darklings? Optimum Impact gives this fan site a great big thumps up!


(Please note that the main site is no longer open. March 2008)