Tour, travel and tea

The first Darkness related tour since 2009. The first actual one since 2006. Here I am, sitting on a train to Newcastle, for my first gig. All the boring bits have been achieved – packing, getting up early, making sure I actually make the train. Spending 50 minutes in Peterborough wasn’t quite as dull as expected as the shops are a stone’s throw away. So from now on, it’s relaxing on this train, getting ready, then rocking the hell out. All the fun bits! Seeing a few people again for the first time in months and years, too.
Before I set off, today, I read a review in the Guardian. The writer seemed to have enjoyed himself, and that’s what I wanted to know about, and what happened. I don’t want comments about past glories and being reduced to mid sized venues. The Darkness and components have spent far far longer playing these and smaller venues than in stadiums, and well know how to do it. They’re able to put on shows anywhere, anyplace, anytime and satisfy the needs of the audience in front of them, however small or large! Little asides about reduced budgets aren’t really necessary either. Neither have I ever seen mass air guitaring at any gig, ever…
This tour isn’t about stadiums. It’s about reminders and reconnection, consolidation and confidence. There will be gain as well, we all hope that, but unless TD pull this off then Plans B, C and possibly D would have to be swung into place. Still, that’s very idle and unnecessary conjecture. Everything’s going pretty well from this side of the fence/Ed’s cage, and the crowds are clearly loving it. There never was much doubt amongst the faithful, or those who saw them in June. The Darkness can hold their own and will be doing that later, if the set list hasn’t changed… They must be as chuffed as cheese, so far.
Can’t wait. An hour and a half on this train left. The tea? Well it’s free until I get off, so I’ll be drowning in it. More later.

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