Tiny Dancers EP review

by Emma

Lions And Tigers And Lions

Lions And Tigers And Lions is the debut EP from Tiny Dancers, released on 20th November 2006 on Parlaphone records.

Tiny Dancers don’t really fit in with any particular genre of this time, their style is packed with melody, fun and cheery twanging guitar with a soft and breezy air about it. Lyrics are straightforward and uncomplicated and there are disco beats thrown into some tracks for good measure. 20 to 9 is the first track and is one of the slower and most serious of the tracks, with a steady beat and an old-school feel to it. Next up is Hemsworth Hallway, a livelier track that still manages to create a laid back and sunny feel. Russian Snow has a sadder theme but the gentle strumming and sweet chorus up the tone and lead toward the light harmonies and the ringing guitar of the break, together making a lovely tune. Sun Goes Down takes a more electronic turn as a funky disco beat leads the tune into a fun country style, which just makes you want to smile and dance. Last track Going Away keeps in with the electro as the keyboard hums away with the up tempo tune, layers of vocals and a funky guitar riff complement the happy-go-lucky lyrics perfectly.

Tiny dancers don’t have a particularly modern sound, but they are fun to listen to and are one of those valuable bands that can lift the mood with a single song.