The Young Knives

by Jo

Norwich Waterfront 1.4.07

The strange threesome attack Norwich for the first time – and love our Morrisons! Hurrah!

This was something I’d been waiting for, circling and approaching with caution. You never know, do you, with some bands? I’d gone to the trouble of ebay for tickets, so the will and flesh were strong.

Blood Red Shoes were pretty good, I thought. I might go catch them again when they come back in June. Still got that female vocalist shouting vibe going. Aagghh. However, worthy of more attention than I gave last night, thanks to tiredness and a dodgy tummy.

The Young Knives. Check shirts, tank top, green tie – nice tidy dapper boys. Blimey, they rock. Starting with ‘Postcard’ they ripped their way through a bevy of tunes, some from the new album, with aplomb. Jumping round stage with the agility and energy of skaterbois half their age. It was packed in here, hot (but not quite as sticky as last time thank the lord) and good natured. Gentle banter and fine lyrics kept me well amused when my feet weren’t tapping.
Another Hollow Line, Weekends and Bleak Days and She’s Attracted To took the biscuit, and indeed the latter would have stolen the show for me if it weren’t for the final number MY Decision. My Sunday night ended happily with fine music in my ears all the way home.

Remember, I am the Prince of Wales, and you won’t go far wrong.

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