The Season

Marvellous stuff happening, this year. The veil enrobing <strong>THE</strong> new band is slowly and teasingly being lifted, in the manner of a seductive Arabian belly dancer of rawk. I can’t help imagining Toby draped in skimpy pink silks, pouting through his Kenneth Branagh beard… It’s not pretty, I wouldn’t recommend such a fantasy.


Anyway, we’ve got a nice little interview with him this month, which nuzzles deep into indie boy’s cranial tissues for answers. Well, I tried, anyway. As soon as the band name is revealed, us sorting aahht a spanking little website for the boys can really get to work on whoring their asses to the masses and such. Meanwhile, we glorious purveyors of greatness at OI will have various journalistic treats for you, just you wait and see. There will be gig reviews, CD reviews, all the corking usuals. And articles are added throughout the month, so keep visiting, stay tuned, and Choose Life.


Relax, we’ll be gentle.


PS the new site for the boys will be online every shortly – maybe within the week!