The High Society

by Louise

The High Society – my second victim at Trashstock. Formed at the arse end of 2005 and boasting not one but two ex King Adora members, The High Society are ready to take on the world. Cornered in the bar, Maxi & Nelsta provided me with some good pre-gig entertainment.

Lou: Can you please introduce yourselves and say what you do in the band?
Maxi: Hi, I’m Maxi and I’m the best one in the band.
Nelsta: I’m Nelsta and I’m better.
Lou: Better than the best?
Nelsta: Better than the best.
Lou: That’s impressive!
Nelsta: Yeah!
Lou: So, how has your Trashstock experience been so far?
Maxi: So far? Well, I came in, James (the promoter) gave me a Slippery Nipple…
Nelsta: No, a Liquid Cocaine.
Maxi: Yeah, a Liquid Cocaine (shot), he made me snort that.
Lou: Snort it?!
Maxi: Yeah, it really hurt. So I can’t remember much of the sound-check, but I’m told it sounded really good. James said, and I quote: “You’re the best band I’ve ever seen sound-check and tonight I don’t know if I’ll be able to control myself. I might have to get on stage with you. Naked.”
Nelsta: Yeah, so obviously they’re very nice people.
Maxi: Although a little unhinged.

Lou: So, are there any other bands on tonight’s bill that you’re particularly looking forward to seeing?
Maxi: Umm…I was really looking forward to seeing the band that headlined last night!
Lou: Oh… But you missed it?
Maxi: Yeah… I don’t really know any of the other bands playing tonight but we just saw Disarm sound-check and they’ve got a bit of that LA punk thing. I quite like that. And I’m told – by everybody, actually – that they’re absolutely wonderful!
Lou: They are! And…James said you were a bit unsure about headlining tonight… Is that because you’re quite a new band?
Maxi: Yeah, we’re still a bit wet behind the ears. Well, I mean we’re completely over-confident about doing it, but we just felt we hadn’t really done enough to earn the headline slot on a big bill. The Glitterati were doing it and that was fine, we were happy to support but…they heard we were supporting and got scared and went to America so we had to headline. It’s fine, it’s just……a long time to wait around. But if all the other bands are good it should go fast.
Lou: So, what can people expect from a High Society gig?
Nelsta: Umm…deafening…
Maxi: Sexy.
Nelsta: Bloodbath.
Maxi: It’ll be very exciting.
Lou: I take it you’re looking forward to it?
Maxi: Yeah!
Nelsta: Oh definitely! Can’t wait!
Maxi: Struggling to keep our clothes on!

Lou: So, apart from the obvious musical talents, what do each of you bring to the band?
Maxi: What do we two bring? Ummm….drive… Well, just the majority of the talent, really.
Nelsta: Yeah, we’re 98% of the band. Or 97%. We’ll give the others 1% each.
Maxi: Yeah, one each. For trying.
Lou: Very generous!

Lou: What are your vices/weaknesses?
Maxi: Umm…Liquid Cocaine.
Nelsta: Vodka.
Lou: Will you be hammered before you go on stage?
Maxi: I probably will be.
Nelsta: I’ve gotta drive…
Maxi: We could stay in a hotel
Nelsta: Is there one here?
Maxi: There’s one nearby
Nelsta: How much is it?
Lou: About £50 per night, I think.
Maxi: Our vices; Nottingham, cheap hotels.

Lou: So, tell me a little-know fact about The High Society?
(Some thought goes into this one)
Maxi: Umm… Topper weighs three stone. And umm…Ash once fought ten men in a bar. And won. And Glenn loves a whole lotta woman. He likes the bigger lady. You don’t stand a chance.
Lou: Well, I’m spoken for!
Maxi: Oh, well, you definitely don’t stand a chance then!
Nelsta: No, actually you stand more of a chance!
Maxi: Competition.
Lou: A challenge.
Maxi: Yeah!
Lou: So, are there any long term goals for the band? Any particular ambitions?
Maxi: Oh, stardom! This isn’t a hobby! We’re fucking serious.
Nelsta: We don’t wanna ever work again. We want to do this forever.
Lou: Cool! Right, if you could have any special powers, what would you have?
Maxi: It’s gotta be to fly, hasn’t it?
Nelsta: You’d like to fly would ya? Like whatshisname…
Maxi: Superman
Nelsta: (sings) I beliieeeve I caaan flllyyy…
Maxi: Oh yeah! R Kelly?!
Nelsta: The whole invisibility thing gets me going.
Maxi: Ey’up, who’s got the round in?
(This last comment was aimed at the barmaid who came to clear our table of empty glasses)
Lou: Right, let’s finish it off… Any final words?
Nelsta: Antidisestablishmentarianism.
Lou: The longest word on the dictionary.
Nelsta: Yep.
Maxi: When you’re interviewing, always buy the people you’re interviewing a drink.
Nelsta: You’ll get better answers.
Lou: Ok. Next time.
Maxi: Yeah, next time.
Lou: That’s a promise.
Maxi: We’ll hold you to that.
Lou: Deal.

BIG thanks to:
A) Maxi & Nelsta for a great interview
B) Maxi for his fabulous posing for my constantly-poised camera
C) The High Society for a brilliant performance