The Darkness – Rock and Roll Deserves To Die

Released today – the first single from the forthcoming album ‘Easter Is Cancelled’ by the most excellent and high rock stars The Darkness.
My word. All of the band’s talents in a few fantastic minutes. The vocals, the riffs, the delicate touches, the full on blast of sound from 6 – 11 in a heartbeat.
The video gives you suavity, elegance, hair, eyebrows and fantastic wardrobe choices in every single second – layers of each are distinct and varying to everyone’s taste. It’s a treat for your eyeballs and if you’re not laughing with half your clothes missing by the end, try again.

All the way to the end, or you’ll miss out.

To get all of this sweetness for your very own, preorder the album with exclusive bundles. Out 4th October, tour to follow!

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