The Boxer Rebellion – Exits – Album Review

by Emma

Exits is The Boxer Rebellion’s debut album, following the first single release All You Do Is Talk.

Exits doesn’t fit cleanly into any of the categories of current rock music and is almost reminiscent of some indie music going back seven or eight years. This album is meaningful and has been written from the heart for all to hear. Lay me down is a fine example, combining light headed guitars and soft drums with pleading vocals.

Echoey vocals and spooky tunes make up several of the tunes from Flight to Cowboys And Engines. Watermelon, All You Do Is Talk and The New Heavy bring in a fuller sound, adding more power to the mix and making music of feedback. World Without End and The Absentee are gentle melodies, slow and graceful allowing the vocals to take more of the spotlight. It is on these tracks you can really appreciate the vocals, which are sad and haunting. You can hear the emotion that has been poured into Exits, and it certainly shows – a very good debut available to buy now.