The Basement ‘I Just Caught A Face’ single

by Davey

Now this is a rare thing; folk/country inspired indie pop from Ireland. You don’t much of that to the pound in this day and age, and I must say it’s refreshing. ‘I Just Caught A Face’ is an upbeat acoustic love song, complete with a banjo backing. Fresh and new, The Basement are prime suspects for cult fame, perhaps as the new Thrills – only I hope they last longer. The band were allowed the rare luxury of spending four years perfecting their sound before recording their first LP, ‘Illicit Hugs And Playground Thugs’, a stunning collection that was destined from the off to get the ball rolling for The Basement. If ‘I Just Caught A Face’ is anything to go by, they could be the band that stop all this nu-rock nonsense in its tracks and bring us something original. One can only hope.