Ten Foot Dolls

by Lucie

There’s nowt quite like a little delve into the world of a grunge-goff-alt band…

How are things in the Ten Foot Dolls HQ?
Well our guitarist is leaving after our February tour, so if anybody wants to play for us….

What’s the story behind the formation of this band?
Nicci and Jake met at collage, dropped out of college and went to London looking for band members, after a period of time down there with no luck, they came back to Yorkshire. Izzy was looking for porn on the internet but found an ad looking for a bass player that Nicci had put up on a website and it went from there. We have also gone through a million and 4 guitar players. We can never find anybody with the same amount of dedication as us 3.

What are you collective musical influences?
This is always so difficult to answer as we have such varied and different tastes. The bands that we all agree on as major influences though are Rob Zombie, Aerosmith, Pantera, Led Zeppelin and Nine Inch Nails.

What got you all into music?
Nicci – My dad is also a musician so it’s in the family so to speak. I always found it a natural thing to be able to sing and be musical.

Izzy – My mum and dad raised me on bands like Aerosmith, Guns n Roses, AC/DC, Van Halen etc etc so I always had this interest in being a rock star like the heroes I was raised on, and then when I was about 13 me and a school friend decided to take guitar lessons and form a band.

Jake is the reincarnation of John Bonham.

What’s your perfect festival line-up?
Anything not indie really. We like a lot of everything except Indie music. Why does it exist?

Who does the cooking?
None of us. We just go to service stations and get ripped off.

Which track do you most enjoy performing live?
We all kinda agree on Play but Nicci gets wet when we play Stop Dreaming.

What’s the band motto?
Never back down and never give up.

Gimme three facts about each member of the Ten Foot Dolls…
Nicci doesn’t wear underwear 99% of the time.
Nicci has met Joey Jordison and has his signature tattooed on her hip.
Nicci is the future wife of Noel Fielding, even if he doesn’t know it yet.

Izzy also does not wear underwear 99% of the time.
Izzy has longer hair than his girlfriend, his mother and his sister.
The lips tattoo on Izzys stomach is from The Rocky Horror Picture Show.

Jake does wear underwear 99% of the time.
Jake once saw Dimebag in a shop in Camden and didn’t realise it was him until he had left the shop.
Jake will release an advertising campaign about smoking after he has died. “I’m Jake Bexx and I’m dead now”

Are you super excited about the upcoming gigs?
We are very much, we always love going on tour, it’s all we wanna do, it’s the only time we feel like this who we are and what we should do, when we’re on tour.

Are you planning a tour any time soon?
We are touring the UK twice over in February and March. All the dates on our myspace.www.myspace.com/tenfootdolls

Give me an insight into your domination plans – what does the future hold?
We hope to find a new guitar player is willing to tour all the time and be as determined and passionate as we are. And together we will be the next Zeppelin… failing that we’ll all die trying to get there.

You heard it here first, kids.

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