SixSister go to London

by Jo

(no camping, and no Timmy the dog)

We don’t get out much, but when we do, it’s for something that fucking rocks. Top Secret ‘fan’s playback’ of the new Darkness album (don’t get out of bed for anything less). Only 9 lucky winners, folks – darklings who’ve worked hard in the Village of Upper Darkling to provide entertainment, news, views, commonsense and a lot of arsing about on forum. (this latter does not apply soley to 6S) My gog, when I got that email, I couldn’t breath for aaaaaaaaaaaggggeeeeeeeees. I might leave Rob something in my will… I went away for the weekend not knowing when this thing was going to be, who else was going, where it was.. aaaghhh. On Monday it was confirmed as being Wednesday. Thank the rock gods, I’m not working.. cancel all appointments with the Dyson. Buy cheapest train ticket, notify 6S, get in a panic, run round screaming.. well, no. the cats and Mr 3 are not of the darkling persuaion so I behaved myself. At the last minute another 6 was invited, so, due to her complete unluckiness with all other Darkness events, our Davey was pressganged in, with similar hyperventilation problems. Blimey, the most exciting thing that’s happened to SixSister.. Thanks to Rob for inviting us.. who cares that the band aren’t going to be there, if Rob is? Bless him.. he’ll be a Star Wars advent calendar and two packets of pickled onion monster munch richer when I see him. Lmao.. it’s not much, but the thought was there!

I wrote most of this on the train.. I was happily worrying about getting across London on the Circle Line by 1 o’clock when the train stops and a huge signal failure at Liverpool Street is announced. Bundled off this train at Shenfield, chucked off at Stratford… luckily the Central line runs from there so it wasn’t too difficult a journey. Just panicking cos I was going to be so late.. hurried calls, texts and tube journeys later, I made it at 1.40.. they’d not started without me, for which I am profoundly grateful. I paid my respects to Sue at the door while waiting for Rob, rushed to the loo, and finally entered a room full of people on the edge of their seats. This was because the sofa eats unwary people, I found. All those missing bands you wondered about? They’re in that sofa. Right. Hush. Time for the first listen. Awed silence, shivering in anti.. ci…pation..

We rocked along as best we could to the ones we knew, but it’s difficult not to get up and dance.. that would have terribly embarrassing. The room had a plate glass wall out on to the offices! So good to hear them again, all polished up and sounding GREAT.

The ones we didn’t know.. they’re so damn catchy, so we were singing along pretty soon. They are soooooooo good! There’s only one that won’t make you get up and boogie, but that’s cos it’s slower and more thought provoking. I think you’re all in for a very pleasant surprise or two. Not that we can tell you much yet, but we will, when Rob gives the green light. You WILL love it. Several massive tracks of glorious rocking gak.. It’s going round and round and round my head, touching the parts of me that make me want to sing… (sorry, Sade)

We stopped to discuss our favourites and various aspects of the tracks, along with some other gumpf. ‘Bald’ was put on again, on request. Huge smiles and a fair amount of laughing for favourite bits of songs, and lyrics, and pure rock pleasure..

It was much easier to pick out bits and enjoy on the second listen, finding all those things we’d discussed and the lyrics that were in Kerrang! today. Hee… dirty litle tykes.. People’s favourites were changed and changed back again. To be honest, it was so difficult to pick one.. it was easier to say which ones people didn’t like as much… and that wasn’t easy either. No one really disliked anything, just liked it less, and no one was disappointed by the album as a whole. The Darkness have achieved so much with this! Lord above, you can’t forget those songs. They worm their way into your head, No one will be able to stop singing them, and I can guarantee that the album will annoy people far more than PTL currently does / has done.. cool!

The discussion carried on for a while until it was time to go. We have promo copies of the single and nice b/w pics to take home.. yum.

Many many thanks to Rob for organizing this. He was his charming, affable, sharp self. Arse to his meeting.. we wanted to take him for beer, but we finished so late, thanks to my train.. apologies to everyone for that. Anyway, he’s a little strawberry blond angel, and long may he continue to watch over us, dispensing wisdom and.. umm… whatever else he dispenses. Sarcasm?

I say thank you to The Darkness, for the songs we’re singing.



People’s favourites.. except for ‘halfnakeded’ from the darklings site, who had to go.

Darren Bald
Dave Is it just me?
Jacqui Bald
Jayne Bald and English Country Garden
Jack Seemed Like a Good Idea
Graham Seemed Like a Good Idea
Jo Girlfriend
Rob Is it just me?

No doubt these will change… once we get our hands on the album again…