Saves The Day – Sound The Alarm Album Review

by Emma

It’s an accomplishment that Sound The Alarm was completed at all considering the amount of chaos and upheaval the band have managed to work through with the departure of original bassist and problems with their record label. The result? Saves The Day give us another major album and fans will not be disappointed. The album spits in angry bursts and is quite aggressive at times (the first few tracks led by Head For The Hills are fast and pointedly furious in this way).

Sound The Alarm does soon take a turn for the sweeter though, and Eulogy and Dying Day riff their way into a much happier mood although the lyrics still show a sadness and vulnerability. The tracks on this album are all solid and the composition is difficult to fault. Percussion is particularly good and I am impressed with the great thrashes and beats pounded out on the drums during the majority of the tracks.

Saves The Day once again prove their worth and I am sure that Sound The Alarm will contribute to another great year for this band after all it took to get there.