Rockumentary + boys’ equipment on fire

by Lucie

Anticipation brews on Darkling Island (shortly to be renamed?) as news of a rockumentary reaches our eyes. Aye, the as yet unnameable new band of the century (Richie Edwards, Dan Hawkins, Toby MacFarlaine and Ed Graham to those outside the loop) have been taking time out of their busy schedules to keep us abreast of such things; but I’m here to give it to you in short.

Ed and Toby have both alluded to a film to accompany the album, shot mostly by Ed, which will document the process of creating and recording their collection of monster rock choons. The Darkness were seemingly plagued with bad luck when it came to making DVD’s, with plugs being pulled and whatnot (much to our dismay), but these lads are sorting it out themselves, just for us, bless ‘em. Last we heard, they were trying to get someone else to take over filming from Ed, so everybody gets interviewed.

On top of all this sexy stuff is the update from Richie that the boys are very much being boys, and blowing stuff up. And I quote:

“In the last 2 days we’ve blown up a Marshall SL100 guitar head, a vintage Marshall JMP 50 guitar head, a Marshall Hand Wired SL100 guitar head, a Marshall Hand Wired 18w combo, a Vox AC30 and a Marshall SL100 fitted with KT88 tubes, they clearly just can’t handle the rock assault we’re unleashing on them.”

Clearly. And it just goes to prove that this is going to be a record that shakes foundations and deafens thousands. Let’s hope so!

P.s. Possibly even more exciting is the revelation that Ed’s finally got a computer. Now THAT’S news.

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