Rescue The Astronauts EP Review

by Emma

Rescue The Astronauts – Your Scissors/My Seatbelt

Your Scissors/My Seatbelt is the first EP available to buy from Derry sweethearts Rescue The Astronauts. The four-track disc produced by Neal Calderwood is a fine introduction to the raw talents of the ever changing five-piece rock outfit. I’m just a teeny bit disappointed that the awesome Crowds Of More Than One wasn’t included.

Track one I Am Your Sugar Rush trickles in with a strange movie-esque tinkle of bells and then suddenly blasts into action with grilling guitar and kick ass drums. The verses are brilliant with colourful and slightly aggressive vocals, lyrics to die for and are peppered with raw screams. The chorus is a little more gentle and brings down the pace a little, but in true RTA form is catchy as hell.

Second track Throwing Paper Airplanes is more pop-like and is a milder track with sweet harmonies and an inoffensive backing track. This song is a theme song for the young broken hearted and is a really cute little track. Lyrics are sweet and vocals are suitably enchanting.

Finely Tuned Frequencies is the third track and the eye of the EP and is such a quirky but beautiful ballad to tug on the old heartstrings. The song is expertly written and the guitar and percussion are perfectly executed to add a heavier undertone to the track. Ferris captures a rawness, intensity and versatility that shines through this track, but writing is the key and this is where the boys’ biggest talent lies.

Last but not least is Ideas To Resuscitate, upbeat and fluctuating between soft, high pitched vocals with a toned-down backing to powered throaty bursts of musical brilliance. There are parts of this track that are so well composed I wish I had written it myself!

In short, get yourself a copy (you can order online via the website) and I promise that you will love it.