Record Store Day Giveaway

Record Store Day 2014 saw the release (amongst very many desirable others) of a limited edition picture disc of Permission To Land by The Darkness.
This couldn’t go past without my queuing relentlessly at two London stores and having lookouts round the rest of the country.
I managed to buy two, so that one of you could have one as well.
Give me a good reason why you should be Holding Your Own copy, and you might well get it in time for a refreshing Friday Night’s dancing.

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10 thoughts on “Record Store Day Giveaway

  1. I’ve been a Darkling since the very early days of the band, and it was very disappointing after Frankie’s departure during the early stages of One Way Ticket, especially since I had never had a chance to see the band live being that I live in Buffalo, NY. A long way from England. But I waited it out and finally after much anticipation I got a chance to see the boys play in Toronto. A show I will never forget.. And to top it all off they played every song off this record. I know how to play the record from top to bottom on guitar and honestly it ranks in at my #1 album from start to finish. It’s a hard feat to accomplish, especially with it being their first release.

    Would love to have this in my collection!! Give me a D! Give me an Arkness!!!

    \m/ – Zach Case, Buffalo Ny

  2. Hi!! A good reason is because nine years ago I fell in love with The Darkness… I love them, they are present in my mind many hours a day and all day in my ears, hahaha … but it could also give you another reason, I wait months for magazines and discs, then I go to the tax office and fill out tons of paperwork explaining why I need that album or magazine to finally pay a heavy penalty, I have only two arms, and to pay penalty that my government requires for purchasing in foreign countries I should sell one of my arms,hahaha, I’m an art teacher, I need my arms to draw, I need them as much as I need a TD, I want my arms to be able to hug the darkness if they ever return to my country, haha,I think it’s a good rason, although it could sell a kidney … no…I think that’s not a good idea too. hahaha.

    love from Argentina X
    Annie 🙂

  3. hey you!
    Do you remember me

    And i know i should wait,
    But you lay it all out on a plate,

    I don’t wanna be unkind
    But there’s a peace I’ve yet to find

    She’s not my possession

    There’s a dragon I must chase

    but you soiled my obsession

    Of a cherished one

    many miles between you and me

    ‘Cause you came at a time

    Can’t get you off my head

    I catch your eye
    And you throw your sponge

    Ooh thats what they say,

    Gimme the keys

    But I won’t apologise

    gonna take a little time
    To assess my frame of mind
    Cause I’ve got hopes to realign

    All I wanna do is spend a little time with you,

    everything has fallen into place

    There’s a chance we could make it now
    We’ll be rocking till the sun goes down

    I won’t spend another lifetime begging you

  4. I’ve never had a chance to see the darkness – I live in New Zealand down at the edge of the earth. They were meant to come here for the first time since 2004, but it was a show on the Australian tour that got cancelled. I may never see them live, and having that record might soften that blow a little bit.

  5. One of our first gig dates was at a darkness gig in wolves 10 years ago. Last dec we celebrated 10 years together and our engagement at the lowestoft leg of the permission to land anniversary tour. We are planning our wedding now – it would be so special to walk down the aisle and to have our first dance while the vinyl is spinning!

  6. It’s the Darkness, there is no other reason needed. First there was the Beatles, then the stones, sabbeth and now the Darkness. Hands down one of the best bands I’ve ever seen live

  7. Because the US didn’t have it for sale and I would love to give it to the biggest US Darkness fan, not me, @thehickdog

  8. Well, I always wanted to become a great musician, thanks to Darkness, my FAVOURITE rock band.
    I live in Brazil, rock bands almost never come here, but my love for music is so big that I’ve started a petition to bring Darkness in next Rock’n Rio ( Rio de Janeiro), calling all my friends and people i see in the street to sign and share my petition with their friends.
    (it’s true, here it is: )

    It’s hard to do it alone but If i had sucess, i’d have the opportunity to meet my favorite band, imagine this! and see they playing live! As I said, in Brazil stores haven’t any Darkness cd to sell. Imagine vinyls.. I’ve never seen any Darkness material for sale here. This copy of “Permission To Land” would be just my first piece of a huge collection.
    Please, help me, guys! Give me this present!

  9. Tricky decision.
    Michele in Brazil is the winner!
    Thank you to everyone who entered. Hopefully there will be something else on offer one day soon.

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