Rally To Hell

by Laurie (with Dori)

This is an personal account of two dedicated darklings who were able to go and talk to Dan and Justin.. don’t be jealous, that’s not what they wrote it for. I asked them to, just to share, cos no one else could get there.. just enjoy and rejoice in their luck.

Dori, her sister & I get to the CCCM and see some
people around and they turned out to be the other
members. We asked if we could go in and look at the cars and they said sure. So we go in and check out the cars – saw Justin’s ride and Dan’s was the only Rolls there. So that’s when I got the car pics.

We go back outside and wait. They had the street
blocked off and the cars were parked out on the street too. We were on the sidewalk standing around and then Dori turns and looks. “Justin!”

I turn around and there’s Justin with his suitcase
right behind me! “Hi!” Justin tells us, and then wemove so they can get through. Dan also says hi and we just watch as they go towards their vehicles.

Dori didn’t want to bother them but I walked in the garage and there was Dan. He kinda looks at us and smiles and says hi again, and I’m standing right by the trunk of the car as he loads his stuff in the backseat and then he loads up his suitcase in the car’s trunk.

Anyway, he goes back to talking with the guys from the club and we stand around a bit and watch them as they chat. Finally I get bold and go up to Dan as he’s looking through his itinerary. I told him we had the petition to give him and Dori gets it and hands it to him. I just said we did it to let them know that they have fans here that care about them and love them and want them to come back and play, and he’s looking at me and smiling and nodding and agreeing with me about the fans.

He said, “Well I was just on the phone with the record company this morning, so… We’ll see!” He did look through all the pages of the petition and Dori said we had 600 names and we were trying for 1,000. Dori also told him about the US Street Team and I said, “This is Dori, she does the Daily Dose of Darkness Site!” Dan smiles at her and goes, “DDD!”

Then she gets out her catsuit and shows it to him and I think she also said she was at the British Whale shoot (and I also mentioned that we went to some UK shows and he asked which ones. Me: Newscatle, Brighton, Manchester and Nottingham and Dori went to Manchester). I think that’s when Justin was there and Dori also showed him her catsuit and he asked if it was a riding suit or something and Dori’s all, “No, it’s a catsuit!!” LOL

Later I gave Justin that beaded visor. I totally
forgot it was a women’s size visor. Justin put it on and goes, “It won’t fit over my big head!” I asked for a pic of him in it and he’s all, “I’ll come back!! But he didn’t – liar!! LOL!!

Note from Dori: He called his head humongous when he tried to get the visor on. Ha! I asked Dori if she wanted them to sign her catsuit and she said yeah, so I led the charge back in the garage and asked Justin if he would sign it and he did. It says, “Dori – nice suit! Justin Hawkins”. We thank him and then move on to Dan. He says sure he’ll sign it, and then he does (they both put it on Dori’s back to sign it!! LOL!)

I asked for a picture again and he said okay, so
that’s when Dori took that one. Then I look at his
ride and go, “Oh is this your car” and he grins.

“It’s not mine, but it’s the one I’m driving.” I’m all, “Oh cool! You’re gonna have SO much fun! Don’t get in trouble!” or something like that.

So we got back outside and that’s when Justin was
posing with his car. He was so funny! He made a
comment about his co-driver wearing a shirt that was very “Brokeback Mountain” and then when he was
leaning over the car door, that’s when he said
something about “Whitesnake!”

Then they all load up into their cars and drive off. Dori said she waved to Dan and he waved back at her. I was too busy snapping pics to wave. At one point Justin was on the passenger side of his car and he was looking over and smiling at Dan. It was so cute! It wasn’t until after they drove off and I looked at the pics and saw that Dan had the visor hanging from the driver’s side mirror! I almost died when I saw that! It was so cool!

Anyway, we left a note for them at the CCC thanking them for taking the time to talk to us, and again mentioned that there are fans here who want to see them on a tour. We asked the dude there if they were coming back to NY and he said “Probably!” and said he would give them the note.