PTL 10th Anniversary – The Webb Brothers

The Webb Brothers go WAY back with The Darkness, as you’ll see:

The moment we laid eyes on the Darkness in a dingy little bar in Austin Texas we knew they were going to be stars. They were insanely good, had great songs and most importantly they were absolutely fearless. The next year we met randomly at the same festival and learned that they were also true gentlemen. Dan and I agreed to guitar tech for each other since we were both touring with skeleton crews. I only hope I came close to doing as good a job for him as he did for me. Later they gave us the privilege of accompanying them on one of the great adventures of our lives, their first major tour after the release of ‘Permission to Land.’ I could write a whole edition here with the stories from that tour but I’m gonna do you all a favor and keep it neat. A giant congratulations from The Webb brothers on 10 years of great music and fearlessness. Thank you. The Darkness Rock!


The Webb Brothers were most charming – thank you for your help!

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