PTL 10th Anniversary – The Darkness Italia

Stefania, admin at the Italian fansite The Darkness Italia, sent us this:

Hi I’m Stefania Cobelli and I’m an Italian girl fan. My passion for The Darkness begin in 2004 when on 5th sept at the Independent Days Festival my eyes intersect 4 guys on the stage, especially one, Justin Hawkins, from then and onward I follow always them!
I followed the band on other dates in Italy and one time in London 25th Nov 2011 at the Hammersmith Apollo, special gift for my 30th birthday!
In my opinion “Permission To Land” is the best album, my favourite track is “Growin on me”. When I’m sad I listen to this song, especially before going to work in the morning.  Musically my favorite track is “Holding on My own”, especially for guitars, here Dan and Justin are so perfect together.
 Fortunately, in March 2013 I was able to hug the band and take pictures with them, I was struck by their kindness, especially also their willingness to take pictures, sign autographs, fantastic!!! 
They are my “absolute” favourite band, when I talk about music with friends, also expert in music, I defend them and defend their music. In my opinion, they are unsurpassed!!!
Personally, I was hoping they would come back together and I hope the band continue to write. I hope for a new album in 2014, more concerts and for them to share with fans all their energy. I love them!

Since they invaded the rock scene, this last has been enriched, unfortunately in Italy music trend is directed always at melodic music, I personally prefer to orient to rock bands. Yes, my favorite track has changed over the years, as my age, before I went crazy for “I Believe in thing called love” and “Love is only a feeling”, but now I appreciate most other tracks. The taste changed…

My message to TD is: 
Your songs are my mantras!

Thanks to Stefania.

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