PTL 10th Anniversary – Scarlet Page

Scarlet Page is well known for her image-defining photo shoots with The Darkness. Despite being horrendously busy, she was kind enough to note down a few memories:

I remember flying out to Australia for the ‘Love Is Only A Feeling’ video and driving straight up to the Blue Mountains to meet with the boys. Jetlag was taking over but I am sure we saw a wallaby on the way up the mountains.
Justin and the boys were on fine form and it was just brilliant watching them rock out on the top of a mountain, the views were amazing and you could see storms in the far distance approaching, it was all very dramatic.
I got some staged shots of the guys too, Justin was doing headstands, rolling around on the end of the precipice and generally being very amusing. He is the best person to photograph ever, he gives so much and doesn’t take himself too seriously. I loved it when I showed him a shot of himself gurning and he laughed his head off and said ‘brilliant, let’s use that one!!” in all seriousness.
A few months later I was shooting a front cover for Kerrang and we had the idea to take the picture on the beach next to the Jones Beach venue in NY, Justin had recently been given an iridescent shell like guitar from gibson so that being the inspiration, we rented a shell like Boticelli’s Birth of Venus and were hoping to re-enact that picture to a certain extent. When we arrived the beach was one of the grottiest i have ever seen and the shell was about 2 foot high so it all became rather Spinal Tap BUT with the Darkness’s professionalism and a heap of photoshop we got some cracking shots!!
Many thanks to Scarlet for sharing!

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