PTL 10th Anniversary – Hedda and Ben

Years ago, two young Darklings from different countries and time zones met in cyberspace. Love wasn’t just Only A Feeling… they got married only a few weeks ago.

OI: Morning, everyone!

Hedda: Morning!



OI: Is everyone comfy? Right then… How did both of you discover The Darkness? Or was it less of a discovery and more of a running into a wall of Rock?

Hedda: I heard/saw IBIATCL on TV, thought it was a great song and didn’t actually think much more of it. Then I went on holiday to London with a friend and TD was on the cover of Kerrang. She thought they looked awesome (they did, in their circus gear) but hadn’t heard them. I had, of course but couldn’t remember the song properly, so we looked them up when we got home and that was it. Hooked!

Ben: The person who introduced me to the delights of Tenacious D recommended them (and their forum) to me, so I had a listen, and signed up. Wasn’t long before I was hooked 


OI: What was the thing that really jumped out at you first?

Ben: Justin’s crotch. But I tried not to let that put me off.

Hedda: Justin’s lyrca clad bum and the opening riff to IBIATCL


OI: They’re prominent sort of Darkness features 

So, Hedda had good reasons to stay around, but what about you, Ben?

Ben: After that, it was the sheer ROCK of it all, plus the humour… I like my music with some funny in it, especially puns and double entendres.

OI: I think they’re everywhere in Darkness being. Once you had PTL in your own hands, what happened to your lives?

Hedda: I went to see them in February 2004 and joined the forum in the summer (didn’t have internet access in my old flat).

OI: Ben was already there, I believe

Ben:I had Justin’s falsetto ringing in my ears pretty much 24-7, and spent long hours squinting at their forum, getting to know the lovely Darklings.

Hedda: He was indeed! I did notice 😉

OI: I think everyone noticed Ben! There was a large but tight-knit community spirit back then.

Ben: There was, it was a very good crowd of people, united by epic rock, and emoticons


Hedda: Yes, everyone was very welcoming to newbies!

OI: The forum was exploding then. It was the golden age of fora.

Hedda: It was awesome


Ben: It was…. The Dampness, The TPBs, plus puns, banter and the spirit of friendly rock n roll.

OI: It was a great place! As, indeed, you two found out.

Ben: Yep. It’s where we met. I believe the word “thunk” may have been involved.

Hedda: Indeed! Aaaah had forgotten about thunk


OI: What happened to attract two anonymous people from different countries into a corner? 

’Thud’ was also quite prevalent, I understand


Ben: The Darkness happened, and the power of rock brought us together.

Hedda: And you were funny. And I saw your photo.

Ben: And it was so funny

I saw your photo, and thunk.

OI: Which TD event finally saw the physical meeting of thunks?

Hedda: We’ve never actually been to a TD event together!

OI: Pardon? HOW?

Ben: Strangely we’ve only ever seen them separately, pesky scheduling issues have stopped us both getting to see them at the same time!

OI: This has to stop!

Hedda: It will in november, we’re seeing them in Plymouth


OI: Thank the Gods of Rock for that!

Ben: It’s lucky they got back to together, I think it was probably just so that they could perform for both of us at the same time


Hedda: I think so.

OI: Two Darklings, brought together by the power of PTL… never seen them perform it together! Of course. They’re very good at doing stuff for their fans.

Hedda: They are, as we noticed the day after the wedding!

Ben:  Maybe you could ask the gods of rock to get them to perform at Exmouth Pavilion for our anniversary?


Don’t push it darling.

OI:  I will offer up a prayer

Ben: Rock Master, who art in Lowestoft, Justin be thy name..”

OI: Right, so you were bought together by the power of Rock, Spandex and Justin’s Bum (the Holy Trinity), in the physical form of PTL. Which little bit of PTL grabbed you by the bum most?

Hedda: IBIATCL and Friday night are my favourite tracks off that album I think. Closely followed by Growing On Me


Ben: Every bit of it was pure rock gold, but Growing On Me was probably the track that got me the most


Hedda: And I love the Friday Night video


OI: It is a gem that needs to be seen more often!

 Over the last ten years, do you think you’ve shifted towards other tracks?

Ben: I’ve shifted more to IBIATCL, as the love of my life is here thanks to The Darkness We used it at our wedding, so it has special sentimental value now. Plus it rocks. 

Hedda: Not really, they’re all good but those ones have always been my favourites.

OI: I guess you two have had your lives changed more than most by this band/album.

Ben: Yes, the Darkness bought us together, despite us never having seen them together. The powers of love and rock are great indeed, but together, nothing can stop us now.

Hedda: Yeah it’s pretty changed but for the better!

OI: I’d hope so 

What’s your favourite memory from that time?

Hedda: From when we met?

OI: Any of the PTL era


Hedda: When I went to Oslo to see them with a friend, The Wildhearts were the warm up, and we were at the very front. That must have been February 2004 I think


Ben: Seeing the Darkness at Wembley was pretty amazing, a whole bunch of Darklings met up at the hotel before going basking in the power of rock, was great to meet them all, and them, well…..Justin on a flying tiger is a sight I’ll never forget.

OI: Do you have anything to say to The Darkness on this great occasion?

Hedda: Don’t. EVER. Stop!

And thank you for bringing us together


Ben: Thanks for believing in a thing called love, and rock the f*ck on.

Ben has planned to make new, slightly larger version of his ‘The Dampness’ T for November and Hedda has a purple Frankie T from that there America. Look out for them!


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