PTL 10th Anniversary – Georgia Nagy

Georgia was someone I met on a forum and MySpace years ago. Still only 17, she’s been a huge fan forever.

OI: Georgia, you’re one of the youngest original Darklings I know. How old were you in 2003?

Georgia: I was 7.

OI: How exactly did a 7 year old and The Darkness connect?

Georgia: I could feel the connection as soon as I heard I Believe in a Thing Called Love on tv.

OI: And watched the video, right?
What was your brain doing, that first time?

Georgia: Yeah great video! I loved it and wanted to hear more from them on.

OI: Did you pester someone to buy the album for you?

Georgia: Yeah my mam who is also a fan of the band so it didn’t take much.

OI: I approve! Was it the voice, the clothes, the antics, the hair… or all of them?

Georgia: Definitely all of them!

OI: At that age, what did you think of the swearing?

Georgia: I didn’t think anything of it really, probably made me like them even more haha!

OI: Rebel! What was your favourite track then?

Georgia: Hard to chose one of them, I found myself listening to Get Your Hands Off My Woman and Growing on Me the most.

OI: Has that changed over the years?

Georgia: I find myself just listening to the whole album over and over


OI: Has it taken over your life?

Georgia: I think it has haha

OI:  Ditto…
What do you think has been its real effect on you and your life? Seriously?

Georgia: It’s helped me through a lot of stuff, just instantly puts me in a better mood when I’m listening to them.

OI: An emotional response? Has it formed your musical tastes, do you think? Or are they a rock one-off in your CD pile?

Georgia: Yeah they’ve definitely helped to form it, I heard about Steel Panther and Foxy Shazam because of them


OI: Do you think that you’d not have discovered rock without them? Or would your family have saved you?

Georgia: I heard rock music before I heard the darkness, Dad is a huge fan of it too.

OI: Good. Now, you’re only 17 now. You’ve spent years with your age group, bombarded with the sort of music the likes of Simon Cowell thinks you should like. How difficult is it to not be in that crowd of 1D followers?

Georgia: I don’t find it difficult at all really. I’m just not into that sort of music, none of my friends now are into it thankfully

OI: Have you ever had more than friendly banter for liking TD?

Georgia: Yeah, quite a lot, but they don’t understand real music

OI: No, indeed they don’t, clearly!

Thank you, Georgia.

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