Odd thoughts

by Jo

So.. thoughts on the tour? Well, every darkling thoroughly enjoyed the shows they went to, even if one or two had issues with the sound at some venue or another. There were so many new people there. New to TD, I mean… absolutely fantastic! But it’s so odd to be on the barrier and be the only one singing… I think they converted a lot of people with the music, the show, the humour, everything. All the TD virgins told me afterwards how great it was. And indeed, it was.

Did they enjoy it, though? They looked very happy to be back on stage, professional, tight, gorgeous sets, playing silly buggers.. but it can’t be easy playing to some half full venues and then still having to win over some of the (home) crowd. I had heard that the venues would be smaller on this tour, but they weren’t, not really.. They did a bloody good job, rocked hard, with grace and humour.

Dan’s European Tour Diary at TheDarknessRock.com/tourdiary shows just how much they are enjoying playing and winning over previously unsecure territory in their domination masterplan. And the rock and roll manner in which it’s being done.. with the odd casualty (something happens to them every time!) There are things there that the home audiences would have loved to have seen, though. Richie’s ‘Thunderstruck’, for one. Did all this evolve from the UK tour? Was it just not rehearsed cos it was an idea on the way? And only one pair of trousers, Justin? Were they Frankie’s sparkly shirts?

Dan notes that the venues are bringing back the old days for him. Me too! I WANT people to be converted, and to see them, but I want everyone to be willing them on too.. the atmosphere in a smaller place is hard to beat for that! It’s a flying v crowd walk thing, I suppose. SO jealous of the people getting the walk, right now!

It’s such a good feeling when you hear of the excitement and success they’re giving and having on this tour. It makes me wonder how they did feel about the UK one. I hope it wasn’t disappointment, after the results getting abroad. There are so many TD starved places that they might decide to stay where the thrills are, and that… would not be good..

One last thing.. there was someone missing from 6’s tour, without whom lots of the fun was lost. Love.