My Awesome Compilation

by Emma

My Awesome Compilation – Q & A

I caught up the MAC guys at their gig in Leeds on 27th November and as always had a really good laugh!

I managed to twist front man Chris Driver’s arm into following up with a few questions by email…

1. You guys have a very strong work ethic – you seem to be touring all the
time! Have you actually had any time off this year?

We had the odd day off and stuff, but it does feel like we’ve been touring
all year!! It’s so much fun though. Being on the road is what we’re all

2. Are you planning to keep touring over the next year? Are you planning
to take the tour overseas?

We’re going to take a couple of months off to concentrate on writing for the
next album. Then, hopefully, early next year we’ll be going to Japan and
maybe into Europe again. Everything is being sorted as we speak, so watch
this space!!

3. The View Is Amazing was released last year, and Actions this year –
have you seen a huge difference in the public’s reaction to MAC over this
period of time, or have you seen a big increase in attendance numbers at
your gigs?

The feedback from both releases was amazing, but we’ve definitely seen a
difference since Actions was released. More and more people seem to be
showing interest in us now. Every time we go back to play a town we’ve been
before, there is always bigger crowds, which is really a great feeling. It’s
nice to know the word is spreading!

4. What has the feedback been so far for Actions?

Everyone seems to be digging it! We’re all really proud of this album so
it’s nice to know people are enjoying it!

5. Are you hoping to play any of the festivals next year?

Fingers crossed!! We’ve never played Reading or Leeds or anything so it’s
Definitely something we want to do! We’ll just have to wait and see!

6. The majority of your tracks are very upbeat and cheery – yet I have
still seen reviews where you have been categorised as emo! How do you feel
about being labelled with a particular genre?

It seems like the genre of emo changes every day! I don’t think anyone knows
what it is anymore! We don’t see ourselves as an emo band. We just play
British rock music!

7. What songs are on your IPOD/CD player at the moment?

We’ve all been listening to a lot of Shots Fired, Hundred Reasons…and a lot
of older stuff too like AC/DC and Kiss. You’ve got to listen to the old
stuff once in a while!

8. If you were deserted on a desert island and could only keep three
things – what would you choose?

A giant panda. A porno mag. Shark repellent!

9. Tell us your best joke!

How do you confuse an idiot? Purple.

10. Describe MAC in three words

Hot Sexy Rock!

11. What is the funniest thing that has happened to you on the road this

This year is like on big blank. So much has happened, yet my mind is blank.
I remember something about a stuffed goat, a blender, a nine iron and a used
condom…….Your guess is as good as mine!!

12. What was the best gig you have ever attended?

For me it was Foo Fighters in Manchester about 2 years or so ago. Fucking
amazing! But I remember when we all went to see Hundred Reasons and Douglas
at the Leicester Charlotte when we first got together….we all just stood
with mouths open. HR and Douglas rocked that place so hard!

13. A genie grants you three wishes…

YEH. A room of 62 naked hot chicks. The powers of spider-man. And….. a big
tub of chocolate ice-cream!

14. What do you miss most about home?

My bed and dirty movies!

15. Were any of you in bands before MAC got together?

We were all in bands around Leicester since we were all like 14 ish.
Actually I think Darius and Woody were in a band at the age of about 11. We
all met on the circuit around Leicester and we all got on real well. Then a
few years down the line, we got together and formed MAC!

16. If you were a sweet…what sweet would you be?

Pear Drop!

17. Beer or spirits?

Beer with the occasional spirit!

18. If you could date any rock star/celebrity who would you choose and why?

Jessica Alba, Kirsten Dunst or Sean Bean (the guy’s a legend!)

19. Is there anything else you would like people to know about you? (Like
a Jerry Springer stylee last thought)!

Please email your naked photos (girls only or Sean bean) to Thanks and Keep Rocking!!