Milan 17.3.06

by Mélanie

Mazda Palace, Milan, 17.03.06

Brussels was 4 days ago and we are already here, queuing, waiting for the Italian security to open the doors of the Mazda Palace… How did that happen? Oh, yes, I remember, it was February 12th, and we were driving back from Sheffield, MY UK tour was over… Oddly, the first thing I did when arriving home was to book a ticket for Milan.
Anyway, we’re here. Waiting. It’s 19.10 and it’s said on the ticket that the opening should have been at 19.00… The crowd begins to boo and call the security. That’s the first time on the tour that I saw so many people waiting for the doors to open. But they finally open the gates and once they’ve checked our tickets, we run to the venue. I’m glad I’m not wearing any heels…
When we arrive inside the venue, the first rows are already packed, but we manage to find some place on the second row on (all together now) Richie’s side (good, I see some of you are following)… the crowd is already dense, which is quite uncommon on the sides, especially before the opening act. And it’s also really weird to be in the middle of a crowd you don’t understand a word of what people say.

Doomfoxx finally begin their set. They’re great. I like them. And they get the crowd head banging, and pogoing from the very beginning of their set. All the crowd, even the parts that are usually quiet. Even on the Richie’s side. My friend and I look at each other, hoping they’ll all calm down. They’ll NEVER calm down, even during the break between the bands. I’m cursing myself for not having had a real meal in the last 24h. I already feel I won’t be able to stay here for the rest of the show. I just don’t want to collapse in this pushy crowd. I also don’t want to be under painkillers for my back for the next 2 months.
But the boys are finally here, following the say routine. Arrival by Abba, then Ed behind his drum kit, Richie, Dan and finally Justin. The crowd goes mental, and I feel my boobs being crashed on the girl who’s lucky enough to be on the barrier. I also feel a lot of elbows in my back. I’m looking at my friend when the band encourage the crowd to give more. We both yell at each other “don’t fucking encourage them!”… We’re still laughing, because that’s completely insane. And the boys like it. We’re the best crowd they’ve had so far. Cool… I’m happy to know that, I’ll send you the doctor’s bill.
The show in itself is great and the boys deliver us one of their best shows. After 4 songs, I begin to feel really light-headed as I get more and more blinded by the lights. It’s time for me to get out of here. A security guy grabs me just after Givin’ Up (or was it Black Shuck?) and lifts me out of the crowd. When he puts me back on the ground, I feel my knees going weak and for a second I think I’m going to fall on my knees, here. A deep breathe later, I gain control of my legs, grab my clothes and bags and walk away. Just as I walk by the speaker, Justin hits a very high note on his guitar. Now, to the pain in my back, I have to add the pain in my ears.
It takes me one song to recover, seated at the very edge of what looks like the VIP area. I don’t notice it at first, though. The security guy keeps pushing away the people that want to stay here. That’s when you realise that being a girl with a “nice” (normal) cleavage in Italy is an advantage. I ask him if I can stay there and he nods to me. That’s standing on the seat just under the Doomfoxx crew that I’m watching the end of the show. From here, I can also check all my friends and make sure they’re all ok (now, you can call me mother)
And the show is as great here than in the crowd. Correction, it’s better (and safer for me). I’m jumping, dancing on my seat, trying to not fall from it. I’m also laughing when Justin sings “Happy Birthday to me”. Birthday boy seems all happy tonight. That’s cute. I look at the crowd when Justin asks us to put our lighters in the air. It’s impressive. It’s been a while since I have last felt that touched by Love Is Only A Feeling. This is such a sad song, as is Seemed Like A Good Idea. I feel almost romantic tonight. But it’s Blind Man time, and this song rocks on stage. This is, for me, one of the highlights of their set. I love the live version of it. It’s perfect! And gets me rocking on my seat.
Hazel Eyes, Get Your hands Off, it already feels like the end of the show. And it’s soon Girlfriend time. Justin introduces it as the band’s next single. It isn’t new to me, but it always makes me feel happy to hear that. How pathetic. I’m jumping, giggling, dancing. Ah, this song rocks my socks off and I can’t understand why people don’t think it’s good enough to be a single.
Oooo, but it’s time for the Brummie to take Justin’s place. I’m wondering what they’re going to cover for us tonight. Highway To Hell. Great! And he knows the lyrics this time! The entire crowd sings along with him. Thunderstruck. It takes a bit before the crowd begins to sing the “aaaaahaaah”s, but everybody is here for the massive “thunder”s. My only regret about this cover? That it isn’t the entire song. When they stop it, I feel like… on the edge. You know “yes yes” and pfft, nothing. Teases!
I Believe In A Thing Called Love is incredible. I’m in love again with that song, since Milan.
I see them leaving the stage… and come back for the encore.
They play English Country Garden and Bald (it’s like the most difficult word for me to pronounce), as usual. But this time, Justin isn’t flying in the air nor is he walked in the crowd by a roadie. Too dangerous. I see them disappear, as I’m waving (stupidly) at them.
See you soon, hopefully……