Making yourself a laughing stock

by Jo

The BBC, not Justin.. whatever you thought about him entering, this was a… some words fail me.

After hearing all the songs, and wincing in parts, it became clear that this was a Big Brovas/Hawkins and Brown sing off. There little originality or talent elsewhere, a ripoff of the most wonderful ‘Preacher Man’.. and I’ll never understand why a foreign national can represent another country in this sort of thing.

It was gonna be tight, this one. Despite the huge Darkling support, Justin had to win over the public, and he is after all someone about whom there are few middle ground opinions. Big Brovas are knocked out in favour of Cindy. When the unbiased neutral BBC make it look like Justin and Beverlei are up against the dire Scooch, a rat began to stink. The voting most certainly wasn’t between the two, cos if it had been.. we wouldn’t have got that result. Set up and fix sprung to mind. Well done to Justin for leaving the stage that way. No doubt he had a few choice words to say to someone.

Post show, and via Justin’s myspace, information started to flow. People not getting through to vote, text votes failing, Scooch having had Helsinki final tickets on their site for 10 days – that was from the fans’ side. From Jus’s end – his supporting banners were confiscated, Scooch’s were not. Scooch had 2 hidden vocalists in the wings singing the girls’ parts. Now, that’s not playing fair, is it? And really, announcing the wrong winner at the end..

I was waiting for Jus’s blogs after that fiasco of a show. Do have a look. If anyone does want to complain to the authorities, then:

I would have thought that phoneins were in enough trouble at the moment. I’d also like to know how fans of the other acts got on with their voting.

Everyone vote for The Ark now, ok?

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