Latest thoughts

by Jo

The following was written on a train, but much of it appeared on a thread while I was gone.. a case of like minds rather than a rehash. It’s certainly not meant as an apology for Justin’s actions. Just musings and opinion and reporting back on darkling feelings.

A month later, the dust has – well, it hasn’t done anything. It keeps being kicked up by people demanding ‘one last single’ or ‘one last gig’ which would be the most ridiculous thing.. no chance. It was further disturbed by the appearance of an article by a Sky News journalist, whom Justin apparently told ‘I might rejoin later’ and ‘we all need some space’ I hold my hand up on posting that on forum. I wouldn’t normally, because of the furore it causes, but it had been so long since anything was heard. My apologies for the kerfuffle.

As I’ve been predicting to myself for a few weeks, the length of time since he left and the arrival of announcement from him is proving to be a massively damaging PR disaster for both him and Sue. Her part in it all is being questioned too.. from the wrong angle, in my opinion, but.. Atlantic undoubtedly had a part, but they were never popular with darklings. There should have been a huge damage limitation programme by the Justin camp from day one, or before. The exclusive revelations to the sun with no ‘fans’ only’ version doesn’t sit easy. Lawyers gagging orders do not preclude a statement saying ‘Look, I’m really sorry, I’m not allowed to talk but I will soon’ – Justin has lost so much respect. Only time will tell whether hubris or bad advice or both were to blame. He HAD support for a solo career, but it’s fast dwindling. TD fans are anxious about TD. Whatever he issues now, it’s too late for some.

Is this man truly arrogant? He has a streak of it, sure, but he’s capable of self effacement. He’s stuck with this project for far longer than expected, given his restlessness and need for change. It’s a tangled psyche. Driven, but not like Dan. His stresses lie in different directions. Eager to create, with a talent for composition and lyrics. An attention seeker – learning guitar ‘to get girls’, but the thrill of being on stage didn’t pass him by. He’s going to find it hard before long, not being in the limelight. I don’t suppose that it’ll be long before he tests the water.

Remember him saying that his piercings (nipple and defunct Prince Albert) were a way of punishing himself when he did things wrong? You wonder whether the cocaine abuse was another way. Bulimia – longstanding. The removal of himself from TD could be another symptom of Justin’s feeling that he’s really not worthy of what he has. They’re all forms of self harm. It’s not a case of ‘where did it go wrong’ for Justin. It’s a case of when, and what to do now.

I have some Sympathy for this Devil. He knows not quite what he does, and condemns himself accordingly, as the consequences are not top of his priority list. A downfall caused by his own flaws – that’s the true literary definition of a tragedy. Pity it had to affect so many, so deeply.

And the good news…. Dan, Ed and Richie have been hard at work, and when the legal curtains part, all rock will let loose. Thanks to Dan for taking over his myspace and blogging for us. Much kudos to the lad, and to Richie and Ed. xx