Korn – See You On The Other Side Album review

by Emma

Long awaited See you On The Other Side rips into play with the fantastic single Twisted Transistor and sets a precedent for the rest of the extensive album.

Korn are unmatched in the nu-metal genre and always have been. See You On The Other Side proves that the departure of Head has not compromised this, but unleashed a monster of creativity within other band members. Munky has stepped up his involvement in the writing of this album, and Korn decided to experiment with a different producer and the end result is a demonic giant of an album. So what does this album have? Grinding ear-rattling guitars – check. Haunting and soul-smashing vocals – check. Psychological tormenting lyrics punctuated by thunderous drums – check. This is tighter than your kecks after Christmas dinner and the production is sheer brilliance.

The best tracks of this album in my view are of course the mighty Twisted Transistor, the wickedly unrelenting beatdown that is Hypocrites, and the furious Coming Undone. All in all a masterpiece and a perfect note on which to end the year. If all this isn’t enough, the deluxe edition includes a bonus disc featuring additional tracks It’s Me Again (which is fucking awesome by the way), Eaten Up Inside and Last Legal Drug as well as two Twisted Transistor remixes and two videos from Korn’s Moscow gig (Twisted Transistor and Hypocrites).

And if that STILL isn’t enough, the deluxe edition also includes a year’s free membership to the online fan club. And the cherry on the cake is the really nice packaging! Sweet.