by Jo

A quick summary of all that is Justin – he’s somehow become the sovereign of the known universe. Apt, but the coup was silent and deadly. Oh well, all bow, and hold your breath…
The boy has been improving his tennis at the rate of knots. Glorious victories have been celebrated in blow by blow accounts, keeping the natives on the edge of their seats, breathless and rapt. If not giggling helplessly. The one defeat described (the one he’s told us about) is not a disaster – personal trainers are supposed to be fitter, and indeed, when they can run further and faster it doesn’t bode well! Making up his own games and squirrel-worrying followed, but he lost at that as well. Back to the drawing board… The bengals have been killing us with their cuteness – and Cully is now on the mend following nasty female problems. The description of those had me squirming. Eeuughh. Apart from that, swearing at random bad drivers is now an official Olympic sport (London 2012).

Professional stuff! All music is now off the dedicated myspace, getting people wriggling on their seats for what will come next. More songs? Album? Single? World domination again? Unsatisfied Justin feverishly reworking his masterpieces? The maestro will reveal all the glory in his own good time.

And… And… *faints* Justin on the silverscreen! Larger than life (more so!) in a movie about the life of Joe Meek, a 60’s pioneer and legend. He was responsible for The Tornadoes’ massive hit ‘Telstar’, which is Mrs Thatcher’s favourite track, to name but one. Justin plays Lord Sutch, in inspired casting, and his filming is going well. That’s one excited rockgod! Loving every minute… Sutch had a penchant for weird publicity stunts, so see if you can spot one. Jus is being buoyed by his old mucker Ralf Little, and warmly supported by Nick Moran, who co-wrote the script. This is going to be one hell of a film! Kevin Spacey’s in it. Pam Ferris. And Con O’Neill, who plays the lead in the stage play from which this is adapted, is the lead in this as well. Doesn’t always happen like that.
All luck to Justin doing this. It’s a great story, fab cast, and millions of kudos for getting up and trying something scarily new.

A link to more about Joe Meek so you can bone up a bit, and the jusblog link:



Finally – Justin’s much publicised retreat to rehab is almost a year ago as I type. He’s been off booze and drugs since then, and stopped smoking 6 months ago. It’s one of his greatest achievements, conquering his devils in the full glare of publicity. Dealing with the expectations, disappointment and vitriol from ALL quarters, fans included. Let us not forget what was said, thought, discussed. He has emerged stronger and happier for it. He’s won respect back from some, and new respect from others who had no time for him before. What more is there, but infinity and beyond?

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